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Holocausto Nuclear "Thrash Megaton" Review

Holocausto Nuclear
"Thrash Megaton"
2.Falsa Religion
4.Escuadron 201

Holocausto Nuclear is a thrash metal gang of youngsters from Mexico.Those guys are so horny with Thrash Metal that in the end they will rape everyone that will face them or meet them on the road.The Songs are pretty good with basic influences at Bay Area thrash and sounds like Exodus,Sacred Reich and a little bit of Anthrax,but Exodus sounds as their main influence.They sing in their mother language.Pretty good demo especially for old school thrash manics but with a not good sound quality but...Whi fucking cares.I enjoy all the songs especially "Falsa Religion".The playing is not the best that I've heard but it isn't bad..So if you wanna hear them check http://www.myspace.com/holonuclear

Review By L-Drac

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Third Horde "Catharsis" Review

Third Horde
1.Third Horde
3.Battle Cry
5.Faith To Ares
6.Heroes Of The Past
8.Sacred Land
9.Metal Warlord

I have watch them closely since their very first demo "The Way To Ades" which it was very hopeful!.Fortunately I didn't make mistake.Their first full-length album is a real dynamite.Harsh riffing pounding drumming and lots of battle roars..not to mention the real good sound quality!

The self titled song starts with a loud war cry giving the signal to demonic hordes to ride towards to the enemy and spread death and destruction!The final attack starts with thrashy riffing close to the end of the song..Good time for moshing ors hould I say massαcre?
"Cheronia" is following epic influences.Starts with a dark melody and then...attack!!A song full of blast-beats and with Lyrics in Hellenic Language reminds me a lot Naer Mataron which are the main influence of the band!
"Batlle Cry" has nothing to do with the well-known song from the old heavy-epic band Omen.Another aggressive black metal song that continues the war on your head and your ears..The Darkthrone and Mayhem influences are something recognizable here and sometimes you feel a Dissection Aura..Some beat-down and well played double bass drumming makes this song more groove than the other songs till now and the guitar playing in a little beat more melancholic tunes.
"Catharsis".Another one speed up song with in you face attitude.Aggressiveness is something that is not missing from this song too.This one I'm sure that it would be great for live gigs!

"Faith To Ares".In simple words.Suicidal(hopefully not like Shinning) Doooooooooooooooooooom!!!It's a very good track baptized into curse and agony.Although the whole song is a pray to the Hellenic god of war Ares.In the end the song speeding up.Not Bad at all but not so good as the previous songs,I'm sure that's good for live.
"Heroes Of The Past","Necromancer" are not going to get away from the whole aggressiveness of the record so they keep their fate to blasts and high tempo feeling the war-concept of this album with the 90's Black Metal Influences being the base.
The next one is "Sacred Land" which is a mid tempo song with many parts full of blast-beats and vocals in a incantation style.Another Mataron-like song!
"Metal Warlord" is the something else track of this record.Sounds more power metal than Black Metal or you can say Power Metal With Black Metal production and blast-beat parts.This it will be one of the "hits"..!!
"Polemos"...Means WAR in the hellenic Language...No comments for this song...THIS IS WAR!!!

You can find many influences from Naer Mataron,old Mayhem and a little bit of old Darkthrone that makes that album sounds killer!
It is about 2 days that I'm not listening to nothing else but this Lp...
Nothing else Order OR DIE!!!

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Noctambulant "Dominio Infernal" review

"Dominio Infernal"
1.La Hora Final
2.Bajo La Penubra De Tus Alas Doratas
3.Patrem Luciferium
4.Dominio Infernal

If you have already see noctambulant's interview then you surely learned some things
about this band from Mexico.If you haven't then go check the interview because I'm boring to repeating things.

This demo has a bad sound quality but not such bad like other bands that I've heard
during the years.Guitar and Bass are too much distorted and at first you think that you have to do with another Black Death Metal band inspired by the Canadian Black Metal scene but it is not like this.The composing and sound of the songs sounds closer to the typical or should I say common Latin American scene.

"La Hora Final" starts noisy with a lot of blastbeats,razor-riffing guitar and many groove parts not to mention the guitar solos.Good song!
"Bajo La Penubra De Tus Alas Doratas".This song reminds me many bands from the Florida Death Metal scene.The start of the song sounds like it have been taken from Death's "Scream Bloody Gore".I believe is the strong track of the demo.I really like it!"Patrem Luciferium"...Very common very typical,very un-influenced and very bad playing.I never pay much attention at the sound production but I cannot withstand songs that have a really bad drumming...and the drumming here is really weak."Dominio Infernal" follows a more noise-grind path but somewhere in the middle sounds more Death Metal.The playing here isn't bad but not good enough and apart from that the whole song isn't interesting.

"Dominio Infernal" is not bad.I believe that the fans of the old school death-black metal will appreciate it for it's raw blasphemy and aggressive style.So if you want it contact to wisdomoftheblackcat@hotmail.com

Immortal "All Shall Fall" review

“All Shalll Fall”
1.All Shall Fall
2.The Rise Of Darkness
3.Hordes Το War
4.Norden On Fire
5.Arctic Swarm
6.Mount North
7.Unearthy Kingdom

ALL SHALL FALL...!The Blacklords of snow and storm have return to spread destruction,darkness and hate after a temporary death that kept them in the abyss for 7 years.Their new sounds like a mix of “Sons Of Northen Darkness” and the blackened speed project of I .Tons of double bass drum kicking,great quitar riffing and of course...ABBATH screaming and singing the way that made him the most recognizing voice in Black Metal something that was missing those 7 years from the Black scene.

At the music part this release has many Thrash influences that are tide pretty well with the grim melodies of Immortal holding the Black and Icy Feeling that every Immortal fan loved.There are some blastbeats but not many and this thing gives a more Heavy Epic aura.The most Excited songs are “The Rise Of Darkness” a quite heavy song that drives you to break your neck from all the headbanging.”Norden Of Fire” who gives you the feeling that Quorthon never died and composed this Hymn for Immortal.A pretty good song based on Bathory like many other songs of the previus albums.”Unearthly Kingdom”...I have no words to describe it...Another Bathory-like hymn with a killer riffing and a feeling so cold that the north and south pole together cannot create such and icy world..The self titled is the most “In your face” song of the release with a hard as a rock tempo!”Hordes Το War” is like Immortal made a cover for Slayer because it sounds pretty thrashy and very aggresive.
“Arctic Swarm” and “Mount North” will not escape from the heavy epic influence.Horgh’s feet have set on fire at those two songs making the double bass drum to scream for mercy.Not to mention the killer riffing from Abbath And Apollyon.

Personally I believe that it was worth to wait for “All Shall Fall”.If you are stuck to the past releases or you are the kind of fan that likes only the 2 or 3 first albums of any band then you better go hang yourself and don't waste your money or time for this release.

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Daemonolith Review

"By Order Of Decrimation"
2.The Arrival
3.Under The Dead Skies Of Alba
6.Ein Traum Wird Wahr
8.Die Jagd
9.Bloodstained Steel
From Glaskov comes Daemonolith.A horde for very hungry supporters of the good old nordic scene from at the starts of the 90ies!Epic black metal in the sade of Enslaved,Immortal,Burzum,Bathory,Gorgoroth,Moonblood with a little bit of Emperor.Raw and rotten sound with demonic harsh vocals,guitars and bass that are sound like a chainsaw ready to cut throats of the unbelievers and drums of war and doom.You can contact them At deamonolith@hotmail.co.uk...IF YOU DARE!!!!Or else go and listen to the new gay and trendy nordic scene.

Necroholocaust(Sgp) Review

"Archangel Inkarnate"
1.Archangel Incarnate/Intro
2.Necroholocaustic Blasphemiez
3.Abominate Bestial Angel
4.Perenial Eastern Warmageddon

One of the sickest demos I ever heard in 2007!A perfect mix of good old Black Death inspired by the hords of Beherit,Blasphemy,Sarcofago,Nun Slaughter and lots of sick fucking evil...Not recommended for pussies and little sissies.You can contact them at necroholocaustsinners@hotmail.com and in myspace.com/necroholocaustsinners.A must for the supporters of War Violence,Sickness,Satanism,Death but most of all...Raw Deadly Blasphemic Death/Black!!!!!

Almighty Emperor Interview

Brazil is a country that is known for its football,capoeira and the carnival of Rio De Janeiro..But every sick mind in the underground metal scene knows about the Black Metal Hordes from Brazil.The country of Sarcofago,Osculum Infame,Sextrash,Volcano and many many more.Almighty Emperor is one of the new Hordes that appeared to spread panic and Destruction...Keep The Black Flame Alive Brothers!!!

HC:Since you have formed in 2003 I would like to learn some things about your Horde.
R: Infernals warrior!!! The black essence it’s presents at this days... Well my friend, the Almighty Emperor black metal horde was formed in the end of 2003 e.v. by me, Deoarsprofanum, guitarist and vocalist of this infernal orchestra for spread the chaos, terror, hatred, antichristianism and our fight against the hypocrisy. Join to the horde in the beginning of 2004, Lord Blasphemy and Obscurium, for initiate the first rehearsals. But Lord Blasphemy can’t continue in the march in some weeks and Alastor substituted him for give continuation of work. In the final of 2005, we recorded our first artefact called “At Battlefields of the Abyssal Realm” that was released in tape format in April of 2006 by Diabolous Productions (BOL) and a special edition in February of 2007 by Battle Hymn Records (USA). Nowadays, we preparing for record our first full-length that will be called “Division 666 – Darkest Rebel Alliance” and will be release in this year of 2007.

HC:So far you have two demo releases (if I am right). Do you have plans to record a future release? A new demo or a new ep?
R: Yes, we have two demo tapes, one released by Diabolous Productions of Bolivia in 2006 and other with the same material but it’s two new songs as bonus tracks that it’s was released by Battle Hymn Records of USA in 2007. And yes, we have plans for record our first full-length in this month of April and release in this year. This new material will be called “Division 666 – Darkest Rebel Alliance” and it’s contains 8 (eight) tracks of the most obscure and brutal black metal.

HC:Brazilian scene is very respected by the underground. Especially for it's thrash/black scene and Almighty Emperor is part of it. How is the black/thrash scene of Brazil going nowadays? Are there any new respectful hordes?
R: First, thanks by the comments about our scene. We of the Brazilian scene have very good hordes that make a good work with conviction and professionalism. We have great hordes as Sepultura, Krisiun, Sarcfago, Unearthly, Murder Rape, Darkest Hate Warfront, Coldblood, Satanic Christ, Impacto Profano, Anax, Ocultan, and very others hordes that I don’t remember at this moment. We have a lot of gigs and the people are going to these events for cult the black metal and the bestiality of the true hordes. We hope play in these gigs with more hordes of the South America.

How can you describe your music without using any musical terms?
R: Pure brutality, blasphemy without limits and total support to war against the religions that destroy the spiritual and scientific evolution of the humans. Our message is very obscure and evil...

HC:As I saw at your pictures you are using corpse paint (something that I'm doing too in my black metal bands). You think that corpse-paint is something binded with black metal or do you believe that it is the mirror of your Inner self?
R: Yeah, The corpse-paint reveal the monstrous warrior that it’s be prepare for battle, reveal our anger, our unknown interior in this reality. For me black metal must be using corpse-paint. This is a war paint and our real face.

HC:Let's talk about your lyrical theme. Which are the things that inspire you to write lyrics? What is your lyrical theme?
R: Antichristianism, Satanism, Death, War, Occultism, Anger and Dark Times History…

HC:Have you ever done live performances?
R: We make a some gigs in the last year, in the cities of Vila Velha and Rio de Janeiro, both cities from Brazil. At the moment we don’t make shows because we are concentrate in the recordings of the full length, but will be back with the gigs in the second semester of this year after the recordings. We can play in the follow cities: Vitria/July, Rio de Janeiro/July, So Paulo/August and two gigs in Duque de Caxias/October (all cities from Brazil, but we’ll need of the certain of the organization). We’re invited for make a mini-tour in some countries of South America as Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil but we are talking with the managers about the possibility.

HC:Which are your Horde's influences?
R: We are trying playing in a original and professional form but can fell some influences of great names of the underground scene and some hordes that we like of listen as Immortal, Behemoth, Marduk, maybe something of Bathory and Darkthrone…

You have an excellent artwork. As I already know this artwork is the re-release of Battle Hymn records. What was your first artwork?
R: Thanks by the comments. My first artwork was the cd demo of the Escrfula horde (a brazilian death/black metal horde), it’s a simple work, but after I make some flyers and websites of some hordes too. My next work will be the full length called “Division 666 – Darkest Rebel Alliance”. It’s will be an infernal artwork!

How did you get in contact with Battle Hymn Records (Reminds me the great first Lp of Manowar :P). Are you satisfied with their support?
R: I very satisfied with their work; they are support the horde in a lot of aspects as distribution, promotion of the horde. Your represent called JMc, enter in contact with us and make a proposal of release a new material, but as We don’t begin to record, I proposal a re-release our last material with two bonus tracks for distribution in the USA, Canada, Mexico and some countries in Europe. We can release a future full length by Battle Hymn Records. They make an excellent work.

Rotting Christ in their last live performance in Brazil played only songs from their black metalAlbums. That makes me thing that at least 90% of the Brazilian black metal audience are true Unholy Fanatics Black metal maniacs. Is that true?
R: Yes. The Brazilian scene have in yours 90% of your public as Fanatics Black Metal Maniacs. I don’t went in the Rotting Christ’ show, but I believe that it’s true.

HC:Thanx for your time Brothers. Say something for the end.
R: First, I like to thank you, black warrior for give us a space for tell a little of Almighty Emperor and our histories and plans. For the people, the same message forever: Keep the luciferian flames always lift because the true march never stops… STAY DARK AND BRUTAL!!!
AVE LUCIFER REX!!! Deoarsprofanum & Almighty Emperor horde
www.almightyemperor.cjb.net or www.myspace.com/almightyemperorhorde/
Thanks for your support

Interview By L-Drac

Satus Interview

From the U.S.A. comes another Black Metal Horde called Satus!A country with a very strong Underground scene that is growing bigger day by day,month by month and is a big resistance to the mainstream Nu(no)metal scene that is born there!If you are not connected to their Underground way of life then you'd better go and read a Playboy or a Penthouse! magazine.The questions are answered by Fel and Belleme of Satus.

HC:Hail To You Brothers.Tell a few things about the band start.Why did you form a band and what do you want to succeed with that?
Belleme – We began this band originally in winter of 2004 to express our love for this music, and the ideas that empower it – heathenism and spiritual darkness. We did not reveal our music until mid 2005, keeping our labors secret.

HC:So far you have a full-length album a demo and a split with Taliesin.Are satisfied with them and if you could change something what it could be?
Fel – Most of the music we’ve put out I’m completely satisfied with. We’ve been in the process of creating a full length for about a year now, and the split with Taliesin I enjoy performing live.

HC:Where they can find black Metal fans your Full-length album?
Fel – When are good and ready to put it out.

HC:What is your opinion About the world-wide black metal scene?
Belleme – I feel that is strong, and getting stronger every year. I am always learning about new underground acts appearing in countries all over the world. The message is not going away anytime soon.

HC:In which bands you like to be a part(old and new)?
Fel – I’m happy to be in Satus. The founding Black Metal bands gave their contributions to the music, and I’d be happy to give mine.

HC:When did you first come in contact with the black metal scene and what was the first album you bought?Do you still listen to that?
Fel – My first contact with Black Metal was through Belleme, but the first Black Metal album I bought was Dimmu Borgir’s “Death Cult Armageddon”. And yes, I still do listen to it.
Belleme – My first Black Metal albums were taped versions of Satyricon’s “Shadowthrone” and Hecate Enthroned’s “The Slaughter of Innocence” when I was fourteen. I occasionally still listen to Satyricon.

HC:What do you have these days in your cd/lp player?
Fel – Agalloch “The Mantle”, Emperor “Prometheus”, Dimmu Borgir “Spiritual Black Dimensions”, Windir “1184”.
Belleme – The Hidden Hand – “Mother, Teacher, Destroyer”, Wolf Eyes “Human Animal”, Nile “Annihilation of the Wicked”, the Xasthur/Leviathan split album.

You have said a lot of times that you are proud for your European roots.Which are the European civilizations-people appeal to you?
Belleme – It is the myths and spirituality of my Norse heritage that inspires me.
Fel – The Nordic and Germanic in mine.

What reminds you the following words –
a)black metal

Fel – Part on, that’s two words.(Hey Clever!!..Έξυπνε)
Belleme – Few understand it.
b)death metal
Fel – Brutality unfolds.(εδώ δεν έχουμε άλλη εξυπνάδα?)
Belleme – Deep sound, bowels of the Earth.
Fel – Stereotypical Image no. 1.
Belleme – I can’t answer that one.
Fel – Poseurs.
Belleme – It’s the awakening of old memories, a voice of the disappearing forests.
HC:Thanx for the interview brothers!
You’re welcome.

Noctambulant Interview

Mexico is a country with a big Metal scene that specializes in the extreme sound.A scene that its biggest part is sworn to Underground metal!Noctambulant is a horde that came into life with only one reason...To dedicate in the Metal Scene and give the shits a punch straight to their face!!!(Or in the nose??)!!

HC:It sounds typical but I cannot escape from this
question..So tell me a few things about your Band?

We are proudly a Mexican death/black metal band, the reason to existing of Noctambulant is our union in thoughts and influences of different kind of ideals like Satanism, paganism, antichristianity, anti-sociality and music like old death, black and thrash metal bands.

HC:Mexico had always have an excellent underground
death/black scene with great bands like Shub Niggurath
and Noctambulant have been a part of this scene. What
should we expect from you?

Yeah, shub-Niggurath is a influence in Noctambulant, Noctambulant doesn’t want to be in any kind of scene, only we want to show to the world our ideas.

HC:Have you ever played live?Do you believe that
noctambulant's music is for live?

Yes, we have, of course Noctambulant’s music is for live to destroy your brain….

HC:Is your music exclusively for a specific "morbid"
fanbase or is for "everybody"?

Any kind of fucking sick or sanity person can hear us, we don`t care…

HC:You are given the choice of eliminating
Christianism, Muslim, Judaism,USA or tons of Uzis and
shotguns for killing all the above.Which one would you

Our music is dedicated to the natural way of the things, evil, death and pain, and is against the enemies of the natural laws………. evil rules!!!

HC:Since you are from Mexico let me ask you something..TEQUILLA OR BEER?
Our city is very warm and we drink a lot liters of beer (CORONA of course THE BEST BEER IN THE WORLD), we like tequila but we prefer beer.

HC:We've seen many bands come from your lands. Is it
traditionally easy to record where you live, or are
things difficult (ex. finding place to rehearse, good
sound recorders, expensive studios etc.)?

Most of the time is difficult, the studios is in other states and are expensive, and sometimes they don’t have experience with metal music or the equipment is poor, but we have a few good studios but of course expensive, but we are always searching the classical old raw sound………

HC:Have you got plans for a future Release???
Yes, we are working very hard in new material for our first full-length at the middle of the year with total english lyrics, and try to expand the kingdom of satan.

HC:What is now on your cd/lp player those days??
We have a demo cd with 4 tracks, with an old raw sound, classical death/black metal and blasphemies. You can hear 2 tracks at www.myspace.com/deathblacknoctambulant.com

HC:Thanks For your time Brothers.Say something for the end!
- Thank a lot of for the interview and support, FUCK THE CHURCH, FUCK THE VIRGIN, AND TAKE THE SATAN’S SWORD AVE LUCIFERI NOCTAMBULANT.Greetings from Mexico.

Interview By L-Drac

Sacred Blood Interview

Sacred Blood...A band that appeared a couple of years ago(in 2003)and their name is a testament for their music..Heavy Epic Metal to the bone that makes you travel in ancient times in the middle of historical battles!!!!The guitarist of the band Polideukis is telling us about the past and the future of this band!!

HC:Hello Polideukis would you like to tell me Sacred
Blood's Biography?

SACRED BLOOD were founded originally under the band
name SACRED, at December 2003 from Polydeykis
(guitars, keyboards, soprano recorder), and Faethon
(bass). The band quickly joined Aiantas (guitars) and
Tasos ( drums ) and a vocalist was found too, Nikos.
Polydeykis, Faethon and Nikos enter the studio with
the absence of Tasos, who could not make it for the
recordings, due to job difficulties.

With this line-up they record their first self
financed demo cd titled "Clash of The Titans" in the
home studio of the drummer of the Hellenic speed/power
heavy metal band "CRYSTAL TEARS", Chrisafis
Tantanozis. The demo included four tracks in the music
direction of heavy/power/epic metal and got some very
encouraging reviews from the underground heavy metal
scene. The band played also in 3 metal gigs that took
place in North Hellas (Komotini, Alexandroupolis),
which is where they originally come from. While the
band's name was still SACRED, a third guitarplayer
joined the band, and was found at the name of Manos
Moutaftsis (now at Dragon's Lair), an old friend and
metal brother. In the same time, a friend and brother
from Komotini, Sakis Karapanos, offered to sing in the
band's second appearance in Komotini, in Valhalla
metal club, covering the place of the singer Nikos,
who was having serious family matters at the time..

After the release of the demo, the band moved
permanently to Athens, and continued its activity
there but the vocalist Nikos got married and could not
keep up with the schedule of the band. The drummer of
the band, Tasos, also left for personal reasons. The
band was searching for a singer and audiotioned some
singers as well, when one day Polydeykis (guitars,
keyboards) received a phonecall from the current
singer and basic member of the band, Iason (John
Georgopoylos ex Airged L'amh), and from then on Iason
became a full time and basic member of the band. The
band also joined as a session drum player the well
know drummer George Karahalios (Ex Spitfire,
Snowblind, etc) to help with the recordings of the
album.The band started working on some ideas that
existed from long ago, and along with some new ones,
they composed 10 tracks that musically they are heavy
/ power / epic metal with some folk elements from the
Hellenic and Celtic music heritage and lyrically they
refer to the BATTLE OF THERMOPYLAE and the heroic
sacrifice of 300 Spartan and 700 Thespian warriors,
against 1.000.000 Persians, in an effort to remain
free. On Novermber 2005 Jim " The Animal" Stamatis
joins the band as permanent drummer offering his
furious drum playing to the SACRED BLOOD sound.

HC:.What had prompted you to play Heavy Metal at the
moment where thousands other groups were turned exclusively
to the new fashions as Nu Metal?

Well, everyone plays the music he likes...I happen to
like mostly heavy metal, so that's what I play..Nu
metal is not my way of approaching music, I used to
hate it, but now I simply ignore it..

HC:Who were and they will ever be your mainestInfluences?
Grave Digger, Running WIld, Accept, Manowar,

HC:What is the meaning of your name?(Sacred Blood)
By Sacred Blood we mean the holy blood, Ichor, that
according to our history was bestowed upon the first
Hellenes that walked this earth, who were created by
the Gods themselves..We want to stress out the
magnificence of the Hellenic history and tradition by
using this name

HC:You are one of a lot Heavy/Epic groups that use
liketheir greatest Influence the Ancient Hellas right?

Of course..

HC:Have your ever went to "Thermopilae" with the
imposing Statue of Leonidas?This place makes you
feel the presence of our Ancestors!!!

I have visited the place several times, and I totally
agree with you..The whole place, with the statues
symbolizing the river Eurotas and the Mountain
Taigetos just makes you shivering with awe about these
ancient monument of glory and might..

HC:Will you ever write songs about Scandinavic
Mythology?Scandinavic Mythology isas rich as the
Hellenic mythology with common things.

I have been very much into Scandinavian mythology, and
I have studied thoroughly I can say their sacred
texts, traditions and history..I have written some
song based on the nordic tradition for some other
projects in which I am involved, and these are

HC:You are ready for the realease of your firstalbum.
How long it took you for the recordings?

We have been through many difficulties with this
album..I donnot want to refer to them right now, but
the sure thing is that the record will be released
finally in autumn

HC:Are you satisfied from the final sound-result?
The final result, let me tell you, has nothing to be
jealous of other European bands...Visit our website
next week to listen to the new samples of the new

HC:What do you want to say to the Metalfans?
Donnot follow trends, just what your heart and blood
commands you!!!
Thanx for all brother! Take metal care!

Interview by L-Drac

Strikelight Interview

Many people in Hellas(Greece) and Europe know Strikelight and they recognize their faith at heavy metal inspired by the Nwobhm scene and from bands of the 80ies.This Interview Was before George(Giwrgos) left the band..Don't know the reason's and I'm not willing to find them.In any case have a nice read

HC:All Hail Heavy Metal!Would you like to give us some
information about Strikelight?

Giwrgos: For starters, thanks for the interview mate!! Strikelight were founded in late 1999 from Thodoris Vogiatzis (bass), who wanted to start a group and play Heavy Metal, affected by the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement and 80’s metal in general. After a lot of line-up changes and gigs, we released a demo CD “Born by Fire”in early 2004 and our self-titled debut CD on Christmas of the same year through Eat Metal Records. The current line-up is : George “Inner Voice” Stavropoulos-vocals, Thodoris Vogiatzis-bass, George Hararis-guitar, Nick Papakostas-guitar and vox, Anestis Apistolas-drums and vox. We have played several gigs around Greece and twice abroad, in Holland & in Germany and we have listened to some good reviews. As long as they’ll be Heavy Metal we’ ll continue to play!!

HC:Heavy Metal is the music that makes you head bang
all the time.Is this the reason that led you straight
to Heavy Metal?

Giwrgos: Of course!! It’s the music that expresses us and it’s not only that, it’s a way of life for us. Heavy Metal is the most expressive music of all because it can combine all kinds of feelings. The best feelings that we like to pass on to the rest is the positive ones. It’s kind of “don’t give up, life can be cruel but if you have your friends you’re not alone!!” Something like that.

HC:You sound Like the firt two albums of Iron Maiden
with a lot of other influences from N.W.O.B.H.M and
cult heavy metal groups like Heavy Load.I admire the
fact that you throw away all the new fashions and you
are dedicated only to true Metal.What do you believe
about the bands that kept the Faith of traditional
Heavy Metal?

Giwrgos: Thank u for your good words brother!! The true heavy metal diamonds are well hidden and anyone who wants to search for them must trully love this music!! I totally agree with the bands that keep the banner of Heavy Metal high even nowadays. We want to do that also!! We have seen some of them live and the fire still burns!! We just want to show to other metalheads that there are other bands as well, besides those who have the promotion by the media, that are as good the mainsteam ones, and in my opinion, some of them are even better!! The only thing they have to do is to dig fo it!! And believe me, some of them are truelly fantastic!!

HC:In your lives you cover cult Heavy Metal groups that
are regarded as diamonds to the true Heavy Metal
Maniacs like the band Picture.Are you gonna keep on
surprising the audience with more Cult covers?

Giwrgos:Yeah, definitely!! We’re playing another cover now from a band called Trident. The song is called “Destiny” and it’s a killer!! We will record it and release it soon!! Many more are yet to come...stay tuned!!

HC:What are your feelings on stage when you are driving
the crowd to headbanging??

Giwrgos: We enjoy it to the end!! The brothers and sisters out there mean the world to us (without sounding too Manowar-ish)!! We want to give them the best that we have inside us and have a good time when they come to our shows. It’s all about Heavy Metal and nothing more! We have a new song that we already play that’s called “Heavy Metal Strike” and is dedicated to all metalheads around the world!! They are not just a crowd, they are our friends!!

HC:Is it important for you to have a "professional"
appereance on stage or do you prefer to go up to stage
without any preparations and just wreak Havoc?

Giwrgos: We are all different personalities in the band and anyone is doing whatever he feels like, when it comes to appearance. I personally like to have a metal appearance on stage, because I feel that after all, it is a show. It’s good to deliver good music and have an appearance on stage, because we want to give the best to the people who come, spend their money on seeing us and want to observe something good. We wear leather and spikes when we go out too, so it isn’t such a big difference. Of course we don’t have a problem if other bands don’t do that. It’s the music that counts basically.

HC:Heavy Metal Or No Metal At All Wimps and Posers
Leave the Hall!!!!Do you agree?

Giwrgos: Everyone has a right to listen whatever they want. If someone doesn’t listen to heavy metal, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t worth as a person. I know and have friends who don’t listen to heavy metal, but they are good people(ΣΩΣΤΟΣ!). Above all, it’s the man that counts. The only thing I’m asking is not to make fun of the music I listen to, because I don’t do that. Respect me like I respect you. The world is not the best place to be, so some bad incidents happen with that, but we must not lose our carriage or faith(ρε καλό παιδί είσαι αλλά ποτέ δεν κατάλαβα την εμμονή σου με την θρησκεία).

HC:You are a group who played in the Keep It True
Festival.What will you never forget from this
event?Especially when everybody knows that this event
took place in Germany the Land of Heavy Metal and

Giwrgos: Unforgettable experience!! I wish we can have another chance to play again. I will never forget seeing live and talking to Anvil and Raven and all the other bands. We even signed autographs, which was funny, because we don’t consider ourselves as rock stars!! We talked to many true heavy metal fans around Europe, the food was excellent, and BEER too!!

HC:You have released a Demo called "Born By Fire" and
your Full-Length Album "Strikelight".Are you gonna
release another Album or EP?

Giwrgos: Anestis will enter the studio to record the drum sections for a new song called “My Living Hell” and the cover of Trident’s “Destiny” as I mentioned above. It will be released as a cd and 7’’ single. The cd version will contain some other goodies, which will be revealed soon! As for a second album we will see...A little patience from all, please!

HC:Thanx for you Time Brothers!!!It is my Honour that
we shared the same stage and drunk along with the
audience listening to True Fucking Heavy Metal

Giwrgos:The pleasure was all ours brothers!! Stay True and “Forever Young”!!!

Interview By L-Drac

Suicidal Angels Interview

Don't be fooled by their name!!They are not a gay atmosfere or goth band(boy-girl band???)...Suicidal Angels Now Have Already signed with Nuclear Blast.One Of The Biggest mainstream metal record companies.Being band since 2001 let's see an interview that I took from Orfeus(or Orfeas...μεγάλη διαφορά ε?) a couple of years ago before S.A. tour with Rotting Christ for the Theogonia Tour!

HC:Hello Orfeas!Would you like to tell some things about Suicidal Angels' History?
Hello my friend.Suicidal Angels were formed in 2001 by Nick(giutar/vocals)and after many changes in the line up, which is the worst thing that can take place in a band,we ended up at the current line up which is:
We have recorded a previous demo cd named "Bloodthirsty Humanity"and last year a promo cd named "Armies of Hell".

HC:Your mini cd "Armies Of Hell" has officialy been released. What can all the thrashers expect from this Release? You described it neckbreaking.
The only thing that you could expect from "Armies of Hell" is old school tharsh metal

HC:You are recording your first Full-length album.Have you gave it a title? How are the recordings going?
Yeah,we're recording the first full length which will be out by a OSM Records based in California.We haven't decided yet about the name of the album.We've finished guitars and now we have to record the vocals.We want to pay a lot of attention during the mixing and the mastering progress.

HC:Your Influences are based on the German Thrash Scene or on the Bay Area thrash scene?
We are all fans of the American thrash metal.Of course there are german great bands,but our main infuence is Slayer and Dark Angel.

HC:Your lyrical theme is about society problems and social wars or you are writing lyrics for everything related to your life?
The main theme of the lyrics is against the church,the christians and all those motherfuckers that caused so much trouble to humanity with their stupid "kindness".Fuck them.

HC:You are one of the few bands that are playing live far from your Land's borders and now you are ready for a tour supporting Rotting Christ. How do you feel about this?
It's really great.We are really proud that we finally achieved that

HC:The Fans from other countries support you? As I know the german Fans support you a lot.
Yes that's true.After our show at the "Thrash 'till Death" fest last year in Germany we gained lots of fans.And,you know,we communicate with many of them through the internet.Hope some day we play again.

HC:How do you feel when you are on stage and when you are down at the mosh pit?
I feel the same way.(hc:Boring?)

HC:Do you prefer beer or ouzo?
I prefer beer.Nick likes the ouzo...

HC:You supported Onslaught and Napalm Death. What did you felt when you played next to one of the beasts of thrash/Death scene(Talking About Onslaught) and the fathers of Death/grind ?
Oh,it was awesome.Especially when i heard the first notes of "metal forces" i had gone insane.You know i'm not a big fan of Napalm Death

HC:Thanx for the interview OrfeAs. I wish you to wreak havoc at the "Theogonia" tour and drink tons of booze!
Thank you very much mate.In case you need any info about us check out our myspace page www.myspace.com/suicidalangelsgreece or our official site www.suicidalangels.com.
Keep on thrashing!!!!!

Unrest Interview

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Unrest are a band that exists till 1986 and still playing pure traditional Heavy Metal!Check them and you will never regret this.Their Drummer Guido talks about Unrest.

HC:Since 1988 you still play pure street traditional Heavy Metal! What is this, which makes you Play with the same energy in every album?
We play the kind of metal that we grew up with. We devoted ourselves entirely to the classic true metal and therefore it is not hard for us to play our songs with the necessary energy. We still take a lot of pleasure in making music and I guess, you can hear that too.

HC:Your new album is called "Back to the roots" what is the meaning of the tittle since you haven't change your music genre and you stay absolutely true Heavy Metal?
Well, first thing is that after our split Claus and Sonke made that last album "Bloody Voodoo Night" alone and on their own direction because there still were some contracts to fulfil, you know.
Our new album "Back To The Roots" now is - just like in our old times before the split - once again a product of teamwork of a good functioning band.
And second, we chose this title just because - in now almost 20 years of UNREST - new metal genres were invented time and again but we never joined in. So this album is our answer to that.

HC:How is going with the album and which are the reactions of your fans to your new songs when you play them live!
Until now we have received a great deal of positive reactions from the fans and also from the press. Everybody is very happy that we are back again.
We have already played several shows after the release of our new album and all of our new songs were always taken pretty well by the fans too. Especially the song "Bang Your Head" has already developed into our new hymn.

HC:Have the Underground audience supported you? Do you support Underground scene?
Yes, of course! In that scene and especially in that of true metal one just has to support mutually on every domain and stick together in order to keep this kind of music alive and to have good bands in future too.

HC:Have you ever visited Hellas? Do you communicate with any Hellenic Fans or any Heavy Group?
No, unfortunately we didn't have the opportunity yet to play in Greece. Why, maybe it will happen some day, at least we would be very happy.

HC:Which is the most Unforgotten Live show you ever played!
One of our biggest and best live show certainly had been our show at Wacken Open Air in 1998. But also our tours with W.A.S.P. and DIO will always be an unforgettable time for us.

HC:Which is the fact when you were younger that motivated you playing Heavy Metal ?
We already started to listen to metal when still being teenagers and went to almost every metal and rock concert here in Bremen, Germany. But there was always that dream we had right from the begining to be on stage ourself one day to perform and produce our own songs and cd's.

HC:In your history as a Heavy Metal Group did you have any problems with record companies knowing that in the end of the 80's Poser/Glam/Sleaze had great success? Does the same happen now with Nu Metal?
Since the foundation of UNREST many new metal genres have been invented time and again and there has always been a certain direction/ genre that was more successful than others for a period of time. But that was of no interest to us because we are making music that we like ourself. And by doing so the commercial aspect isn't in the foreground with us. We also never had any problems with record companies because of our musical style, no. But then, we also never let anyone talk us into our music.

HC:What is your opinion about the evolution of the so called Metal "Monsters" nowadays?
Well, actually, I don't have any opinion to that. I just think that each and everyone just should do what they like, and when the fans like it too, then it is okay.

HC:Last but not Least...What's in your mind when you hear the following words
a) Heavy Metal, b) Iron Maiden, c) Manowar, d) BEER!!!!?

a)that`s my live!
b)is one of my favourite bands and Nico has always been my idol on drums.
c) great band - simple, powerful true metal; with that music we have already celebrated some real good parties ;-)
d)BEER, yeah, has always been at our parties too! :-)

HC:Thanx for the interview
It's me who has to thank YOU for the interview!
Rocking greetings to Greece!
Guido Hettwer (Drums)

Interview By L-Drac

Rhino (HolyHell,Ex-Manowar) Interview

Rhino is someone that needs no introduction.Being the drummer of Manowar for Five years and now playing for HolyHell he has travelled through out the world pounding his Drums!!This Interview was back at 2007 before Rhino reunited with Manowar for some live gigs!
Listen To The Drums Of Doom!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

HC:Hello Rhino how are things at the other side of ocean?
Rhino: At the moment I’m doing a lot of session work. I have my own studio at home and people sent me their music files and I put the drums on. I’m also involved in producing. Its been a very hot summer but now I am looking forward to the cool fall.

HC:As far as I know you have released a cd single with Holyhell which includes 4 songs/tracks. Are you satisfied with the production. What is the response of the people / fans
Rhino: I am satisfied with the production. Of course I would have done things a bit different. A lot of times I get in the situation were what someone else thinks sounds killer , My opinion is different.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

HC:Listening to your songs I noticed that you are using orchestral parts . How did you come up with this idea? Was it something that you wanted since the beginning?
Rhino: The orchestral thing in metal has been around for a while now. I wrote and Recorded An Entire Rock Opera With All Kinds Of Orchestration. I Did This 10 years ago. I thought it was really original back then. now its in almost all bands that tour Europe . Joey DeMaio is the mastermind behind Holyhell and he really loves the orchestral involvements.

HC:One thing I would like to know is who had the great idea to invite Eric to perform/participate in the cover of the phantom of the opera. I was lucky enough to see it at the gig in Athens on 4rth of April and I can honestly tell you that it was a great moment.
Rhino: Collectively we all thought it would be cool for Eric to sing with us...Why not? We could and he is the Greatest Heavy Metal Singer!

HC:Are there any plans for a future release? A full-length Album or an E. P. ? Are you already working on some ideas?
Rhino: We have music already prepared for release but I’m not sure when that will Be.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

HC:Your Band is signed in the Magic Circle Music.Magic Circle Music is runned by Joey DeMaio, How's things there?
Rhino: Real cool. Joey is a great guy and has a ton of ideas. He really likes to help bands become something great.

HC:Let's talk about the 5 years you have been with Manowar. How would you describe the connection you have. Do you still consider yourself to be a blood brother with the members of the band?
Rhino: Those guys are like my second family. I was actually in the band 6 years. I have always kept some kind of communication with them. We have so much in Common. me and Joey have huge respect for one another. I'm always so excited when we all get back together to start working again. It means so much to me to always be a part of those guys lives.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Manowar at Acropolis

HC:Could you share with us a couple of magical moments that occured while you were playing in Manowar while you were a member of Manowar?
Rhino: The first show in Kassel Germany 1992. I was fucking blown away a how huge the crowd was. I never knew the real popularity of the band in Europe. Also being in Europe for the first time was mind blowing. To this day I leave my heart there. I want to move to Germany someday.

HC:When You appeard With Manowar in the early 90ies Lots Of People couldn't believe how fast you were(and you will always be)at the double bass drum.They had started telling that Manowar are using drum Machine but in many live appearances you proved them wrong. Do you remember those times? Personally I won't forget the Armor Of The Gods drum solo in Athens at 1994.
Rhino: Yep. I know what people thought. But like you said. I delivered all of that live and I still do. It’s not always easy because you really have to go over the top. The secret is having your kick drums loud as fuck in the monitors right next to your ear. And stay as relaxed as possible while your kicking.

HC:Which are the songs from Manowar And HollyHell That you love to playing live in every gig?
Rhino: I like playing apocalypse cause its fast and intense. Blood Of My Enemies is my favourite MANOWAR song.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

HC:In the EarthShaker live you appeared in stage with manowar and all the past members. How was the feeling of getting back on stage with your old friends?
Rhino: Like time stood still. You know after I left MANOWAR in 1995 I stayed in my studio and wrote my opera. It took five years to complete. I had my son ZACHERY in 2000, I didn’t tour or do anything but raise him. For 15 years I was out of the loop then HOLYHELL and MANOWAR reunion came about. I was completely neside myself!

HC:Is it true that Scott Columbus was working on something like a blacksmith before sit behind the drumkit of manowar?And is it true that he wasn't a drummer before Join manowar?
Rhino: Not sure about the blacksmith thing. But I know he has always been a drummer.

HC:I ask that because everyone who is a drummer can realise that Scott all this years in manowar his drumming is based on 3,4 basic drumming skills.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

HC:You have a seven years old son.Does your son follows your drumming steps?
Rhino: Zachery is into all the instruments. But I think he has a knack for the bass. My God he loves Metal! When he was a baby he would be in the back seat banging his head to JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN. Unfortunately he is obsessed with Green Day now. But he really likes Rob Zombie too.

HC:Which are the drummers who inspired you
Rhino: Steve Smith
Dean Castranova
Tommy Aldridge
Scott Travis
Dennis Chambers

HC:Rhino Thanx for the interview.You cannot imagine how big honour is for me to speak with the one who make me(and not only me) to sit behind the drumkit.
Rhino: Its an honour for me to my friend. Thank You!

interview by L-Drac

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

L-Drac And Rhino At March Metal Day Festival April 04 2007

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