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Streamroller Assault Interview!

Steamroller Assault is Heavy Speed Thrash Metal from Athens(Hellas) that is really faithful to old school Metal sound and possessed by the blues.When you are listening their music the only thing that your mind commands you to do is to take a bottle of Jack(I prefer it!!) and attack on the mosh pit,puking their lyrics All Over the way.The old school Heavy Maniac WitchKiller is causing a written attack and sometimes "philosophy" at every line of the Interview..READ IT OR DIE!!!HAILS!!!

HC:Hey Witchkiller how's things?Are you drinking a beer or whiskey at the moment that you reading these lines or you had already watch a great porn movie at your dvd player?

Witchkiller: Hey man ,how's it hangin? I hope everything's cool with you. To tell you the truth i'm a fan of English real ale. The stuff we drink here in Greece is just piss of the lowest quality brother. But i occasionally have a glass or two of my "sweet desire" (Southern Comfort that is). Right now i'm havin' some coffe. For Lemmy's sake man, it's 5 'o clock in the noon ,don't tell me you drink during the day-time as well! Ain't watchin' no porn right now bro, sorry to disappoint ya,haha! But i had my share of "National Geographic" (i you know what i'm talkin' about) last night with some big tits rollin' on my VCR..........

HC:After a big break that is near a year or something you are ready to hit the stage one more time!Do you believe that your new members will gonna make it the same way or even better from the past members?

WK: Actually the new guy in the band is "Trouble" on the bass. I know this sounds cliche but HE IS the coolest bass player i've played with. He is a cross between Leo Lyons (Ten Years After) and Cronos(Venom). Plus he's an old school metalhead. "Machine" on the vocals re-joined the band after 2 years or so. This guy has potential. And i mean lots of it! He can sing like Piledriver ,in a way, and then he can start shriekin' like Sheepdog (Razor). Ain't that cool? "Mad Dog" ,the drummer ,is with me for like 6 years now and he remains the loudest and strongest drummer i've jammed with ,just what the doctor ordered!

HC:I think that this live it will be something really special to you.Don't drink tons of booze before you will go up to stage cause there is a danger to lose your way and wake up outside a door of a whorehouse!

WK: Actually this live will be special 'cause the bands we're gonna lay it down with are bothers, know what i'm sayin'? "Mortal Threat" are an INTENSE old school Thrash Metal band in the "Dark Angel" vein (first two lps) and when they start to play you can get carried away and start bashin' your face agianst a cement wall. While Verdict Denied ,really soulmates man, i think that they are the leadin' force in prog/Tharsh Metal right now.They are all highly skilled musicians ,they have this "Riff After Riff" sonic storm yet they play 100% old school Thrash Metal that grabs you by the throat!

As far as the "drink before the gig" thing.....nope man, ain't no drink before the gig. I know this sounds so "Steamroller Assault-not" but there was this gig that we were so damn wasted ,we couldn't fuckin' see straight! And i mean everything:ouzo ,wine ,scotch. We had a 40 min set and just when we finished our fourth song we got off stage. Our bass player at the time was so drunk he hit my guitar and got blood on his head (or did i hit him ,can't remember right now). I'd rather do a volcanic gig than get humiliated.................maybe a bourbon or two ,hehe.

HC:Don't you think that it would be a good idea to play in a strip hall?Having all these girls around you irrigate you with booze all the time?Could this fit at SteamRoller's Assault live perfomances?

WK: Man ,you're talkin' about a life's long dream now! Just imagine ,the band inside layin' down "Red Light Mistress" ,"Alcohol Pussy 'n' Rock'n'Roll" and "Devil's Bar" along with some blues tunes like "Hoocie Coocie Man". Mmmmmm, i think i got me some plans for the evening ,hehehe......................

HC:What's the crowd's reaction with the first music notes of your songs.For example Iron death...or should say red light mistress?

WK: Depends on the croud. If we're talkin' about old school metalheads brought up with dirt metal like Anvil ,Venom ,Motorhead ,Raven ,Piledriver etc etc then the house is rockin'. If they're not into that stuff then they try to deal with the noise (they'd better). It's a matter of taste! "Red Light Mistress" 'n' "Iron Death" are some of the tunes our few ,devoted fans want. Ain't nothin' better than 50 folks shoutin' "Iron Death".

HC:You referencing your music as boogie thrash metal..What is the boogieman for you?Is it a monster that is attacking the kids directly from the wardrobe?Or a creepy guy with a chainsaw that is possessed with Sodom?

WK:The "Boogieman" IS the king of cool ,Captain Slick him self, the one 'n' only :JOHN LEE HOOKER!

HC:Is there any new ideas for more SRA new material?I'm waiting for the successor of raw n' filthy!

WK: In a month or so we'll work out the details for two new songs in order to get a 7'' as soon as possiible out in the street. First song that is completed is called "Lesbo Action - When A Girl Love's A Woman". The second one has no title yet but don't you worry ,we'll give you something to remember. The plan says that it will be out on late January ,early February.

HC:Now days we have seen a big turn of the hellenick supporters to the old 80ies sound but apart from that this change is not only in music but in the whole style too.Personally I think that if you trying to be a look-alike of an "idol" decades bafore is something too much.But we live in a free society everybody can do whatever he likes.What do you think about that?

WK: Don't know ,i mean i do wear my bullet belt ,my leather jacket and my denim jean. Don't see what's wrong with that. Depends on how one feel's i guess. Eeeeeh, well ,ok ,fishnets ,lipstick and "Aqua Net" on guys is too much for me but if they feel cool with that, it's cool by me as well.

HC:What was the last night that you were hangover and throw your puke all over the place?Did you went to a strip bar too?

WK: Some three years ago ,returning from a gig ( i think it was George And The Dukes ,a local blues band that destroyed us that particular night) i tried to get my bones movin' (had a drink or two more than the usual) and go to the local strip joint but ,like 40 meters ,before i got there i fell asleep on the bus and had a wild hangover the other day. No pukin' though. Last time i puked was one year ago due to lame scotch. I hate pukin'.........

HC:Are you a football fan?Does metal and football come together?

WK: Yeah ,sure i am ,i support Panaitolikos ,the team from the town i come from ,Agrinio. Metal and football togother? What do you mean ,watchin' a game and listening to metal at the same time? Then i guess it does. But if you're talkin' about the violence 'n' stuff ,man ,it's damn stupid to hit a guy if he is another team's supporter same way is DAMN STUPID to beat up someone just 'cause he or she listens to a different style of music. Don't wanna sound the good boy of metal here but it is stupid to throw punches just 'cause you're different from the other (unless this other is an irritatin' asshole hm ,hm)

HC:Thanx for your time and for showing out your true self

WK: Thanks for the support in the band man. You're ace! Keep the metal comin'!

Interview By L-Drac

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